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Shiatsu is the art and science of touch - Shiatsu Society

Touch is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth - Margaret Attwood

June 2024 is
International Shiatsu Awareness Month
Shiatsu Society UK

My name is Alec Clark, I'm a fully qualified and highly experienced shiatsu practitioner and I've been delivering shiatsu treatments to the people of Stafford since 1992. I'm a certified member of the Complementary Therapists Association and the Association of Holistic Medicine and Healthcare. I have many regular clients and many more satisfied customers.

Shiatsu is a natural healing therapy that is gentle and soothing, but is also powerful and can produce great results. Shiatsu is effective in resolving many health issues, such as stress, arthritis, sports injuries, painful menstruation and back pain.

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Call/text Alec on 07508007624


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I've suffered many training injuries and had a lot of physio, acupunture, been to the doctors and all treatments eased it off but never removed the issue. After 1 or 2 treatments with Alec, the pain had gone! I now regularly see Alec to balance my body and help my mind and body to feel healthy. Shiatsu works with more than just the physical body and has amazing results! Alec works intuitively and has the ability to release any emotion or stuck energies within my body. I'd recommend Alec to anyone!

Sarah M

I had pains in both feet which was diagnosed as Morton's Neuroma. After surgery the pains were even worse and I could hardly walk. Alec gave me Shiatsu treatment and after just a couple of sessions my feet were so much better! The pain is now just discomfort and I can walk normally again. I would even say that the treatments have been life changing.

Chris B

Treatments from Alec are always effective in quickly easing my condition. I would highly recommend you to seek out his services.

Pete H

I had a problem in the lower lumbar region of the back and found it difficult even to walk. A couple of sessions from Alec have worked wonders. His technique found the problem straightaway and now I'm much more mobile. Would fully recommend Shiatsu Stafford.

Anthony C

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