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Here's a selection of positive comments from satisfied clients...

I had pains in both feet which was diagnosed as Morton's Neuroma. After surgery the pains were even worse and I could hardly walk. Alec gave me Shiatsu treatment and after just a couple of sessions my feet were so much better! The pain is now just discomfort and I can walk normally again. I would even say that the treatments have been life changing.

Chris B

I'm 97 years old and I've suffered from painful arthritis for many years. I've tried every form of pain relief, but nothing seemed to work. Since receiving shiatsu treatment from Alec my neck and shoulders feel much better and I feel much more able to get on and do things.

Vera T

Treatments from Alec are always effective in quickly easing my condition. I would highly recommend you to seek out his services.

Pete H

I had a problem in the lower lumbar region of the back and found it difficult even to walk. A couple of sessions from Alec have worked wonders. His technique found the problem straightaway and now I'm much more mobile. Would fully recommend Shiatsu Stafford.

Anthony C

After recovering from a broken ankle, it was still giving me pain and lacking mobility. When I got in touch with Alec, he responded quickly and was very professional. I was really impressed with his service and skill. After just two sessions, my ankle felt great!

Jason P

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