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Spring! When the Earth and your spirit are born anew

When you stand out in nature at this time of year, you can feel the raw power of Spring. Your senses are flooded with the sights, sounds and smells of this special season. The new-born animals, birds singing, the newly blossoming trees and bushes.

Spring is always a time of renewal, creativity and growth. But this year, Spring's abundant energy will be turbo-charged! Why? Because this is a Wood/Dragon year in the Chinese astrological calendar, and that means that any energy put into creativity and positive change will be amplified many fold. So, this Spring is a particularly good time to start on ventures that will create new things, such as a new 'you'.

Now is the time to shake off the lethargy of Winter and channel the leaping, bounding energy of Spring. Make changes, not just to the house or garden, but to your very being. Many people will have spent a lot of time thinking about and planning their personal growth. Well, what better time to put those plans into action than NOW, a time of soaring 'growth' energy. So, whether you take steps to improve your self-confidence, express your personal power, or get in touch with the authentic, inner you, your efforts will be given a boost towards success by the energy of this time of growth and change.

Love and lightness, Alec

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